On behalf of the China Institute for Radiation Protection (CIRP) and other co-organizers and co-hosts, it is our privilege to invite you to the 10th International Symposium on Radiation Safety and Detection Technology (ISORD-10), July 16-19, 2019, in Taiyuan, China!

     The ISORD symposium was jointly invented by the Tohoku University (Japan), Hanyang University (Korea) and China Institute for Radiation Protection in 2001. Since its 1st conference in Seoul, it has been successfully held 9 times alternatively in Korea, Japan and China, and one in Malaysia. ISORD symposium in 2019 is the 10th ISORD and it is the third time that this international conference has been held in China. As a natural continuation, the upcoming ISORD-10 is expected to bring together about 300 outstanding  scientists and technical experts in radiation safety and detection, industry executives, governmental officials from all over the world. It is committed to providing a platform for exchanging scientific and technical achievements in radiation safety and detection, exploring business cooperation, showcasing products and services, discussing challenges radiation protection faces and highlighting future developments.

     As the host, CIRP will follow the principle of being academic and international to make ISORD-10 a symposium of high academic standards, wide audience and solid results. ISORD-10 have extended invitations to many high-profile experts and scholars, including that of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), University of Michigan, CEA in France, INFN in Italy. We also invited outstanding young scientist speakers from Japan, Korea and China radiation protection societies. By collaborating with the Chinese Society of Radiation Protection (CSRP), accepted full papers of the ISORD-10 will be recommended to be published on the official journals of CSRP-Radiation Protection (ISSN: 1000-8187), and on Health Physics (organized by the Health Physics Society in the United States) in abstracts. Besides, to demonstrate CIPR's commitment to its social responsibilities and to encourage the active participation of students and young scientists (under age of 30) in ISORD-10 by submitting high quality technical paper, winners of best student paper will be awarded for special prize.

Taiyuan, known as Bing State, is also called "Dragon City". It lies on the Fen River, surrounded by exquisite mountainous scenery on its three sides. Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi, the province that cradled the 5000 year's traditional Chinese culture and boasts eighty percent of surface cultural relics of the country, that really deserve your exploring!

We extend the warmest welcome to all, and hope to receive you in Taiyuan, China!

Prof. Xueqi Chang
Honorary Chair, ISORD-10
Executive Vice-President, CSRP

Ms.Yang Liu

Ms.Kang Juan
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